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#BannedStory / #MapleSimulator has been shutdown. We don't know for how long. A lot of people have been trying to contact the owner of BannedStory, but it . BannedStory / #MapleSimulator has been shutdown. We don't know for how long . A lot of people have been trying to contact the owner of BannedStory. I understand. MapleStory: Design The unofficial MapleStory simulator and designer. Latest Updates. Visit our blog for more information about our latest updates.

MapleSimulator, home of BannedStory, the simulator for MapleStory. Recently, the Maplesimulator site known as Bannedstory has been taken If it's possible for Nexon to make an official maplesimulator for those. Bannedstory seems to have been shut down, I don't know if it's a After MapleMe was shut down, Bannedstory became the only site for Maple Animators to get their . /

23 Jul First of all, won't redirect you to maplesimulator anymore! Their website has a whole new fresh layout & bannedstory 4 is. Download Banned Story. But you can not only create characters, you can also create pets for your characters, create amazing special effects known as skills. 24 Jun Some of you may know that BannedStory, the website that had Maple Simulators had (probably) shut down, since it's been down for about a. *For mac users/people who can't get Momiji to work/lazy ppl, here is a link to a new site similar to BannedStory: MapleStory: Design. 28 May BANNEDSTORY SUBSITUTES So I got a flipload off people spamming me about ALL SPRITES FOR BANNEDSTORY BODIES by Bathtoys.

25 May []Letter from Unfortunately, BannedStory 4 was a web program only, so there is no. Maplesimulator bannedstory 4 download. Click here to get file. How to use bannedstory 4 maplestory. How to use bannedstory maplesimulator. 06 52 tutorial. 2 Jan Maple simulator [ momiji guide ] This is NOT my guide! I decided to make this guide for people who are freaking over BannedStory's sudden. Embed Tweet. I made a sprite of @Imaqtpielol using the BannedStory 4 Maple Simulator. Pretty PM - 6 Apr


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